Coffee Associates, a brand synonymous with the world's finest coffee since 1969 and a history equally as rich and remarkable. The modern realization of one of New York's original coffee roasting companies, established in 1906, Coffee Associates has never lost touch with its roots as a family business, upholding the values of quality, freshness, service and tradition. As a privately held importer, roaster, manufacturer and distributor of quality coffee to cities all over the east coast, Coffee Associates continues to evolve with the industry while never compromising its ideals.

For decades Coffee Associates has treated not only its staff of dedicated professionals like family, but has extended these standards to its clients. From warehouse workers, to account executives, drivers to administrative staff, the people that makeup Coffee Associates are not only treated with respect but have a deep respect for the work that they do and this reverence is passed on to our customers and consumers. We at Coffee Associates have deep rooted love of our coffee and our work and it shows in our products and the personal service that we provide.